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Dr. Diane Hamilton has taught more than 1000 business courses and is the former MBA Program Chair at the Forbes School of Business
  • Dr. Hamilton is an Award-Winning Speaker, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, Emotional Intelligence Expert
  • As a professor and business leadership expert, she gives seminars, leads podcasts and shares blogs helping people to build better business strategies
  • Dr. Hamilton is the author of "It's Not You... It's Your Personality: Skills to Survive and Thrive in the Modern Workplace" and "How to Reinvent Your Career: Make More Money Doing What You Love." Her forthcoming book is "Cracking the Curiosity Code: The Key to Unlocking Human Potential"
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BIO:  In addition to being a nationally syndicated radio host, award-winning speaker, author, and educator, Dr. Hamilton is a thought leader in the fields of leadership, sales, marketing, management, engagement, personality, and motivation. To help improve relationships in the workplace—and performance as a result—Dr. Hamilton draws on her decades of work experience in software, computers, corporate training, pharmaceuticals, real estate, mortgage lending, social media, education, and publishing.
A sought-after expert in emotional intelligence, Dr. Hamilton’s research has been published widely in peer-reviewed journals. She is also the author of three books sold worldwide: The Online Student’s User Manual, How to Reinvent Your Career, and It’s Not You, It’s Your Personality. Her book regarding personalities was required reading at an Arizona-based university, where she was also nominated for an honorary doctorate in addition to her traditionally-obtained Ph.D. in Business Management.

Her success in multiple industries, authoring books, and career as an MBA Program Chair and Assistant Professor propelled Dr. Hamilton into the speaking world, and now she is regularly hired by companies like Forbes to speak to organizations to increase engagement, improve productivity, and reduce conflict. Whether through her radio show, a webinar, or a live presentation, Dr. Hamilton presents to and interviews leaders from some of the top organizations in the modern workplace.

Incorporating her nearly four decades of real-world experience, Dr. Hamilton provides strategies that are ready to implement and create results. With a Ph.D. in Business, she has taught over 1,000 business-related courses and is a qualified Myers-Briggs and a certified Emotional Intelligence instructor.

Dr. Hamilton on the web:  Visit: http://www.drdianehamilton.com/
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Critical to Employee Success - Soft Skills

This term is used to describe many qualities that include interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and other personality-based issues. The problem that many organizations have experienced is that people are hired for their hard skills, or in other words, for what they know (knowledge). Then later, are often fired for their lack of soft skills

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How to Become a Highly Effective Leader: Reduce Fear by Developing Curiosity

It might be surprising, but many leaders fear being discovered for not being as smart as they appear. Realistic or not, people often look to leaders as if they should know everything. This external pressure often leads to internal pressure. Leaders fear criticism, failure, making hard decisions, taking responsibility, or being unable to reach an important goal. Because of this, leaders often surround themselves with experts in areas with which they have less experience or knowledge, which can be very crucial to their success. . .

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