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Dr. Reagan Anderson is a former Combat Doctor with two deployments to Iraq who is now
attacking the healthcare crisis with an informed and comprehensive strategy borne from being a successful Dermatologist, business owner, professor, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. His life is dedicated to individually and collectively empowering us all to take control of our health and
mend a fracturing healthcare system.
  • Dr. Reagan B. Anderson is a Dermatologist, national speaker, author, and educator on health and healthcare policy. 
  • Teaches the business of medicine to help medical providers successfully navigate the rough waters in which medical professionals must survive.
  •  Author of Universal Deathcare: A Solution for Healthcare in the Age of Entitlement, a book that outlines a plan to solve the healthcare crisis we face with solutions for the individual as well as for the system.

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BIO: Dr. Reagan B. Anderson is an Osteopathic Doctor (DO) who specializes in general Dermatology and in Mohs Micrographic Surgery for the treatment of skin cancer. He attained his Bachelor of Science and Biology from the University of British Columbia and a Master of Christian Studies degree from Regent College, a Master of Public Health from AT Still University, and a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Upon matriculation, Dr. Anderson was commissioned in the United States Navy where he spent the majority of his time serving the United States Navy as the First Reconnaissance Battalion Surgeon. Dr. Anderson states, “Over the five years I spent in the U.S. Navy, it was my distinct honor to serve the medical needs of the military men and women of our great country. This experience, particularly my tours in Iraq where I treated U.S. and coalition military members as well as Iraqi civilians, gave me extensive experience in recognizing and treating the underlying causes of dermatologic conditions.”

Dr. Anderson left the military in order to pursue Dermatology. During his three year dermatology residency at the Michigan State University Consortium/Oakwood Southshore Medical Center, he was actively involved in academic pursuits which included national and international lecturing as well as publishing several dermatologic articles. He became President of the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology from 2020-2021.

Since opening the Colorado Dermatology Institute in July, 2010, Dr. Anderson has been recognized as a Board Certified
Dermatologist by the American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology; as a Fellow Member of the American Society of Mohs Surgeons; and is one of approximately 60 Mohs surgeons in the U.S. to attain the prestigious American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology Certificate of Added Qualification in Mohs Micrographic Surgery. He is also an assistant professor at Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Parker, CO and in conjunction with Rocky Vista University, founded the Colorado Dermatology Institute/Rocky Vista University Dermatology Residency program as its Program Director, 2013-2017.
Dr. Anderson has authored the book “Universal Death Care – A Solution for Healthcare in the Age of Entitlement” in order to empower us all to solve the healthcare crisis in the USA.

Dr. Anderson’s passion for Dermatology is expressed in his personal statement: "Dermatology is a vast field which has captured my interest and is teaching me more than just the medical side of our largest and most visible organ. Our skin incorporates the kaleidoscope of our genetics, environment, and psyche into the dynamic processes for which you find yourself seeking medical intervention. The interplay between all of these factors makes the field of dermatology endlessly enjoyable and rewarding.

I am sincerely grateful to so many people who have paved the way for me to be a Doctor in this great country: family, friends,
wonderful patients whom I am privileged to serve, my Dermatology Program Director Dr. Grekin who taught me how to “SHOW
others you care,” Tony Robbins for teaching me how to live with passion, and my beautiful wife who I am so blessed to know. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the team which is privileged to ‘help you become comfortable in your skin."

   Education and Certifications
* Bachelors of Science, General Biology University of British Columbia, 1992-1996. Vancouver, BC
* Master of Christian Studies Regent College, 1996-1998. Vancouver, BC
* Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, 1998-2002. Kirksville, MO
* American Osteopathic Association Approved Internship, Family Practice Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, CA 2002-2003
* Undersea/Diving Medical Officer, UMO/DMO Naval Undersea Medical Institute, 2004. Groton, CT, Panama City, FL
* Master of Public Health School, ATSU, 2005-2006. Kirksville, MO
* Dermatology Residency Michigan State University/Oakwood Southshore Medical Center, 2007-2010. Trenton, MI
* Board Certified Dermatologist, 2010 American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology
* Fellow Member of the American Society of Mohs Surgeons, 2011
* Certificate of Added Qualification for Mohs Surgery, American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology, 2012

Dr. Anderson on the web:  Visit: https://reaganbanderson.com/
Dr. Anderson's Your Health University on YouTube: Visit: https://youtu.be/BNSEAEx_agQ 
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  "Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane.”    –Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.     

                                                   *   *   *

Dr. Reagan B. Anderson is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO). One of the reasons he chose to be a DO, is his belief in a foundational concept of Osteopathy. This is that the body should be treated as an interrelated system (not as individual parts), and that a DO should look for the root causes of disease and treat those root causes—not just the symptoms—and do so holistically. Adopting that philosophy has led Dr. Anderson to initiate a series of integrated and interrelated actions/enterprises all aiming at one common goal: providing the best healthcare possible to as many people as possible as efficiently, economically, and effectively as possible.

This is how Dr. Anderson has chosen to dedicate his life to helping change healthcare in America.

                                                   *   *   *

    “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World."   –Ghandi

"Dr. Anderson's book, Universal Death Care, takes the reader on a riveting, roller coaster style journey from the sights, sounds, and smells of war and back into the bureaucratic nightmare of the American healthcare system. The heart-pounding events of his past kept my adrenaline flowing while also raising a myriad of issues that made me question what I thought I knew about modern medicine."    
   –Captain Brian Legge
     Boeing 777 Training Captain

"A young doctor thrown into the Fog of War and bled dry of his humanity now wades into the Fog of the American Medical System, only then to confront the ever-consuming hydra we pretend is healthcare in this country. A fresh perspective from eyes that have looked down the gun barrel to now taking aim at the absurdities of your healthcare."                                                       
   –Dr. Derrick Adams
     USAF Major (Sep)

"A gripping and raw action-packed opening, followed by a profound and disturbing description of fear's crippling hold on humans, and woven together with intriguing and provocative connections to the current state of affairs in the US health care system make Reagan's book a compelling read.                                          
   –Richard Thompson
     Director of Advancement, Regent College
Book Synopsis:

Universal Death Care is a scathing, cold-blooded, unapologetic, and wholly analytical dismembering of a health system in a country as broken in some ways as the system itself. 

As a combat doctor fighting to save lives while dealing with mass casualty events and incoming rockets, to owning a busy medical clinic in the USA and fighting to provide quality medical care while dealing with ill advised government regulations, excessive profit drives policies by insurance companies, and price gouging by "big pharma," Dr. Anderson has unique insight into what healthcare has become and what that costs each of us as patients. 

Combining gripping and unblinking vignettes of combat and combat medicine in Fallujah, Iraq, with equally gripping examples of the state of healthcare in America, Dr. Anderson presents his prescription and a "call to action" to cure what ails our current healthcare system.
From a Combat Doctor to a civilian dermatologist, from graduating seminary with a Master of Christian Studies to a Master of Public Health, from professor to business owner, Dr. Anderson has positioned himself to have an experientially informed and unique perspective on war, healthcare, and how these two concepts tie together.
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