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Leni Rivera is the author of the first book in the industry, Workplace Experience, and is the founder of WorkplaceXperience Consulting. She is available for local and international interviews.
  • Leni’s 20-year career spans 3 continents, in corporate leadership roles in Global Workplace Services, Real Estate Development, and Interior Design.
  • She has published multiple articles and short videos on various social media platforms.
  • Leni currently helps organizations redesign their “new workplace” post-pandemic and into the future.
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BIO: Leni Rivera is a Workplace Experience specialist, and author of its very first book in the industry. Her passion is creating work environments that enable employees to be both productive and happy, regardless of where that is. 

With a 20-year career spanning 3 continents and in corporate leadership roles in Global Workplace Services, Real Estate Development, and Interior Design, Leni has the unique ability to understand the impact of a physical environment on employee behavior, and corporate cultures.

Currently, Leni is finishing her Master's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, enhancing her already robust knowledge on organizational behavior.

Today, as the world begins emerging from the pandemic and organizations start to rethink the future of their workplace, Leni is front and center helping leaders and peers develop a Workplace Experience that drives safety, flexibility, and productivity, allowing employees and businesses to continue to thrive.

Leni Rivera on the web: Visit https://www.workplacexperience.net/
Workplace Experience is the combination of physical features and employee-centered services that create an environment unique to the company. It is the everyday experience you encounter in your work environment which supports you to thrive in every aspect.

It brings together the multifaceted disciplines of Corporate Real Estate, Interior Design, Facility Management, Corporate Food Services, and Workplace Technologies to create a work environment that is cohesive and consistent across an entire company. As an emerging industry, Workplace Experience has already proven to drive a positive impact on employee engagement and business growth, and holds the ability to restore faith in corporate cultures worldwide.

This book reveals how Workplace Experience directly manifests a Corporate Culture, its true relationship with Employee Experience, and what leaders like you can do today to start creating a place where people thrive, business grows, and the company’s unique culture lives.
Leni Rivera ~ Articles & Video

The Future of the Workplace:
Still Too Early to Tell

As the coronavirus case numbers improve and vaccination efforts accelerate in the US in general, we are beginning to get a glimpse of how companies are envisioning the future of their workplace post pandemic. In the last two weeks alone, a few of Silicon Valley’s tech giants released announcements on the re-opening of their offices and the expected return...

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Evolving Perception of the Workplace

This time last year, virtually every company around the world shut the doors of their offices, and those that could, asked their employees to work from home. The definition of a workplace began its unforeseeable transformation from a physical office space to a virtual room from anywhere… or did it? The reality is that this transformation had already started occurring over a decade ago...

Enhance Your Workplace Experience

For many of us, our home reflects our daily lives, and in its natural state on any given day, it may contain child or pet toys littered on the living room floor, random socks that didn’t quite make it to the laundry hamper, a thin line of dust on the shelves, and clean dishes still in the dishwasher. But the moment we know we’re having guests over, a somewhat frantic overhaul begins . . . Our home still reflects who we are and our unique personalities, we just transformed it into an enhanced version...

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What Is Workplace Experience?

Have you ever given an important presentation to key decision makers, which ended in successfully, and triumphantly, achieving your goals? Months of preparation, and extraordinary team work among a group of hardworking professionals; brainstorming sessions in enclosed rooms, and early-morning data crunching over coffee; all the many pieces of an immense puzzle finally coming together in one short hour in a boardroom. And in the end, you all nailed it! An exhilarating experience such as this is achieved by...

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What Is Workplace Experience?
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