Mat Jacobson,
CEO & Founder, Dūcere Global Business School
Orange County, CA & Travels
Mat Jacobson is a global leader, disrupting the education sector. Mat has founded three education start-ups, the prior two were ultimately sold to publicly listed companies. As the founder of Dūcere, Jacobson, together with hundreds of world leaders ranging from Presidents to heads of the UN and CIA and global companies, are transforming education to overcome systemic barriers to be relevant, applied, affordable and accessible.
  • Mat has been a keynote speaker on education innovation from Harvard University to European governments. 
  • Dūcere has been recognized by the State of California, the US Congress, as well as numerous global awards for transforming access to higher education.
  • Dūcere works with the world's leading organizations, to provide relevant, affordable degrees tailored specifically to client outcomes inclusing KPMG, Disney, the UN, LinkedIN, banks, among many others. 
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CEO Magazine's Education Executive of the Year
Can Speak About Fixing the Broken College System
BIO: As Dūcere’s founder and CEO, Mat Jacobson works together with Presidents, Prime Ministers, global CEOs and other prominent leaders to deliver on the vision of providing sophisticated tertiary qualifications while, through the Dūcere Foundation, funding improvements to public education systems across African nations.

As a thought leader in innovation within education, Mat has hosted and spoken at numerous 
academic and business events including:

     » Chair, ADC Forum Summit, "The Future of Australian Higher"
     » Harvard University, 21st Century Academic Forum
     » Harvard University Keynote, HPAIR Conference
     » Universities Australia Keynote
     » Financial Review Higher Education Summit
     » Hoarasis Global Forum, Portugal
     » MBA Directors Forum
     » Start-Up Grind
     » Apple Leadership Summit

Vision & Mission: To provide universal access to world-class higher education.  To create a university group with the most industry-applied, career-focussedqualifications. Currently Dūcere operates in four continents, including offices in the US, UK, Australia, and Africa.

Mat Jacobson on the web: 
Mat Jacobson ~ Media

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