Nadine Levitt,
CEO & Founder of WURRLYedu and Author of My Mama Says Inside Me Lives A Village
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Nadine Levitt is an education advocate, speaker, and is the Founder & CEO of Ed-tech platform WURRLYedu. She is also author of the successful children’s book on emotions, My Mama Says Inside Me Lives A Village, and supporting SEL curriculum. Nadine travels extensively is available for interviews in cities outside of Texas.
  • Levitt is an education thought leader and an international keynote speaker on the subjects of music education, social and emotional learning, and technology in classrooms. 
  • Nadine is a published author of two children’s books fostering social-emotional learning. She also developed a supporting curriculum that has been adopted by schools around the country. This program actively shifts the dialog around emotions, so that they can be better understood in a simple but empowering way!
  • Levitt is the CEO and Founder of a leading Ed-Tech platform for music education called WURRLYedu, which makes it easy to bring a fun and effective music education to schools. 
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Emotional Wellbeing (Kids & Adults), Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), Parenting, Music Education, and the Role of Technology in Classrooms
BIO:  Nadine Levitt is a Swiss-born, German, Kiwi, American who is passionate about education—especially focusing on child emotional wellness, social and emotional skill development using the Arts, and Ed-Tech. In 2015 she founded the technology company WURRLY, which also makes WURRLYedu — a leading music education solution being used in schools across 22 states. 
Nadine has authored two children´s books for social and emotional learning, initially developed as a tool to use with her own kids, to help them develop positive self-awareness, self-regulation skills, confidence, empathy, creativity, and self-expression. This quickly grew into a school program, with the development of a supporting curriculum and classroom resources, toys, and other children’s products that foster a healthy relationship with emotions.

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