Paul P. Tracey II, CCFE, CCFS
Founder/CEO of Innovative Technologies
Author, Delete the Hacker Playbook and Cyber Storm

Paul Tracey is the Founder and CEO of Innovative Technologies, a Managed Security Service Provider in the Albany Ny area. He travels frequently for speaking engagements and is available in other cities for interviews.
  • Paul Tracey is an Author, National Speaker, Cybersecurity Educator, and small business advocate
  • He has been featured in MSP Success Magazine and on the Success Spotlight Podcast
  • Tracey runs an MSSP dedicated to helping small and medium-size businesses protect their reputation, money, and customers from cybercriminals 
  • Paul Tracey's 2022 Cyberstorm hit #1 status on Amazon in three different categories. 
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BIO: Paul Tracey has seen cyber security disasters he wishes he could unsee. While auditing a large health care institution, he discovered the department head infected the whole network with malware via his personal laptop. One person made a single mistake, and it cost half a million dollars. When compliance interrupts expedience or convenience, managers circumvent the rules. If the organization is wealthy enough, in the event of a breach, they pay the fines, make minimal changes and carry on.  Not all businesses, though, are more likely to end up like an engineer he met recently when buying his used office furniture. He was selling it all because he had to shut down his firm. He said, “Man, I wish I’d met you six months ago. We got hacked and I had to close my business.” The man had lost everything. Every day, sitting in a chair and at a desk the man and his dismantled team no longer need is the visceral and unsettling reminder of the cautionary tale that informs the reason Paul does this work.

You may wonder, how does a company go from thriving to bankrupt in a matter of months? Simply put, most organizations do not make time for security. The fact that sizable organizations do not take cyber security seriously didn’t sit well with Paul. And the imbalance that made it difficult for small to mid-sized entities to thrive was infuriating. In turn, building on IT industry experience, studies in information technologies and business at SUNY Adirondack, he founded Innovative Technologies. His company provides technology solutions that minimize security risks for smaller health care providers and other SMBs in Greater Albany, New York.
Nearly a decade later, Innovative Technologies continues to help clients ensure they have security and compliance procedures in place and a well-trained staff. They have earned the reputation as a leading managed security services provider (MSSP) in Upstate New York.

In his community, Paul served the Glens Falls Greenjackets semi-pro football team as chief technology officer. Innovative Technologies sponsors the team and also donates annually to St. Jude’s and several local nonprofits.

Paul renews his HIPAA Seal of Compliance Verification annually and offers his knowledge as part of the company’s compliance program. He is the author of Delete The Hackers Playbook, written to educate the public about ransomware, based on his success in protecting clients from falling victim to cybercrime. ( Cyber Storm (forthcoming, 2022) features leading experts in the field of cybersecurity from around the world. 

Profound honesty, transparency and humility are values that permeate Paul’s work. And the sign on his office wall, “Never Stop Auditing,” applies beyond the literal to his practice of perpetually seeking solutions.

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