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Nutrition & Sports Nutrition Specialist, Elite Trainer & Transformation Specialist
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Tibor Deme the founder of LifeBoostFit. Coming from a wealth of experience both personally and professionally, he has helped transform hundreds of people who have fallen ill because of the obesity pandemic. Tibor is passionate in his belief that it is much easier to engage in healthy living at whatever stage of life we are in, than it is to try to get healthy when we are unwell.
  • Nutrition & Sport Nutrition Specialist, Certified Habit Transformation Expert, and Elite Personal Trainer.
  • Tibor’s company, LifeBoostFit, offers ongoing interactive classes in Nutrition, Fitness, and the prevention of Diabetes. Tibor is passionate about educating his clients on the value of Nutrition in disease prevention. His mission is to provide options for quality of life and a sustainable, healthy lifestyle to his clients. 
  • Creator of the LifeBoostFit App – The first App to feature Nutrition-based science is available now on the App store.
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BIO:  Tibor Deme’s professional career as an athlete began as a young boy in Hungary. The Hungarian Government selects athletes to represent their nation based on talent, skill, performance capabilities, and commitment level to become future Olympians. Tibor was chosen to train for the unique sport of Pentathlon, comprising horseback riding, shooting, fencing, running, and swimming. Tibor’s achievement in this sport earned him a coveted spot in the Hungarian Pentathlon Gold Medallion Team at age 14, and he received his first paycheck from the Communist Hungarian Government the following year for both his achievements and training as a member of the future Hungarian Olympic Team. His grueling training, performed 4 times per day, paid off with numerous gold medals and championships in both Hungary and neighboring Germany.

But history intervened, and in 1988, as opposition forces consolidated in Budapest and forced the government to abandon communism, Tibor’s parents sent him to live in Israel. Now 15, and primarily focused on swimming (as Pentathlon was not a competitive sport in Israel at the time), Tibor again achieved gold on the team of Rishon LeZion. Then, on the eve of a challenge between him and the reigning Israeli swimming champion in the 100-meter freestyle, Tibor sustained an injury in the Sea of Galilee which would forever end his competitive sports career.

After his studies and military service with the Israel Defense Force were completed, Tibor emigrated to the U.S., where he became a Graphic Arts and Printing Director in the DVD industry. Although he had stopped competing as an athlete many years prior, Tibor remained committed to sports and a healthy lifestyle to help offset the challenges he faced as an executive. 

Having reached a creative ceiling within his organization, Tibor became restless. He wanted a fresh challenge: How could he combine his passion for fitness and healthy nutrition with his desire to help others? Initially focused on tackling the problem of childhood obesity, he set about creating a program that would help adults and children get and stay fit. Tibor’s aim is to help people stick with their health goals over time, keeping a healthy weight, and eliminating or mitigating ailments.

After receiving his certification from the International Sport Science Association (ISSA) in Nutrition, Sport Nutrition, Transformation and Elite Personal Training, and approval by the CDC as an educator in preventing Type II Diabetes, Tibor created the LifeBoostFit Program. He continues to build upon his knowledge of the Health Sciences; namely, fitness techniques, weight loss, and the overall management of a healthy lifestyle.

Tibor Deme on the web:  Visit: https://boost@lifeboostfit.com/
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